Here are some common questions asked by our clients

Ask away

If I move into Bradeney House can I keep my own doctor?

Yes you can, but you must discuss this with your own GP to ensure your doctor is prepared to visit at the care home. All residents are registered with the Albrighton & Claverley practise and the GP provides a routine weekly visit.

What are the visiting arrangements and times?

You can receive visitors whenever and as often as you wish including at meal times. And if you want friends or family members to join you for a meal they are very welcome.

Is there a choice at meal times and can family bring in food?

There is always a choice at meal times. A choice of breakfasts is available and always an alternative main course at both lunch and evening meal. We also work to any specific dietary requirements. Visitors can bring in snacks for residents, please just make staff aware of what you are bringing.

My Mother likes to be active, is there much to do? I wouldn't want her to be bored.

There is a regular programme of activities and entertainment designed to provide therapy, social interaction and above all, fun! See Activities & Services.

Do we need to provide bed linen and towels? And what about Laundry?

No, bed linen and towels are all included in the fees. Only personal clothing needs to be provided. All laundry is also taken care of including clothing, we have our own, in-house laundry facility.

How can we make Dad's room feel more like home?

You can bring in personal possessions to make your room homely – even furniture (within reason). Photographs, ornaments, a favourite armchair even are all good ways to personalise a room and add to building a feeling of comfort and security.


When considering a care home for a relative there will always be many questions. We have only put a small selection here of those we are typically asked, so please contact us and ask the questions that concern you – as many as you like. That’s what we’re here for.